Entry By : Eric
Country: Egypt
Subject: Out Of Africa
Date: August 18 , 2006

Val and I are sitting at the Cairo airport and waiting for our flight to Barcelona. The past five weeks have felt like one long con game and we were the marks. Don't get me wrong, Egyptians don't steal from tourists, that just wouldn't be sporting. Rather, they cheat you out of pounds at every opportunity and then are outraged when they are caught doing it. They are amazing actors and many of them could star in Hollywood!

We can't wait to leave. The last week in Dahab was fantastic, but it is probably not enough to bring us back here again. This is truly the first country on our trip that we have been anxious to leave and won't look back.

Every minute of every day we needed to keep our guard up against anyone that spoke to us because they were usually trying to figure out some way to separate us from our pounds.

Will we come back to Egypt? Not likely! Will we come back to Africa? We hope so. It's a huge continent and there is lots to see. One country is not going to dissuade us from the rest.

For now it's off to Barcelona and some Spanish Tapas and Vino. Arriving in Europe is really hitting the reality chime that we are 'on our way back home'.

That's it for now.

Eric & Val


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